Why could I not find the Property I was looking for?

This may occur if you are searching by address only. You can search by a number of criteria including Address, Postal Code, Owners Names, PIN, and Instrument. This is shown in the search window in a light grey. You must also specify the LRO prior to searching.

Some common reasons for not finding a property are:

  • Results are directly related to the accuracy of the search. If there is a misspelled name, incorrect address, incorrect LRO, other missing or incorrect information, you may not receive the information you require
  • Searches in Ontario are run against the addresses associated with the POLARIS database. It could be that either the address you have been given or the address abstracted in the database is inaccurate. Tip: If you know the owner’s name, try searching by name
  • In Ontario addresses are not always abstracted in the POLARIS database for condominiums. Tip when searching for a condo property: first try starting your search with the street number, then street name. If it is not found, start your search again with the unit/suite number first, then the street name
  • In Ontario, if the property is a lot or part of a lot within a new subdivision, the address will not be available in POLARIS until the lots are first transferred
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